SWIP-UK cfp deadline: Dec.31

Feminist Philosophers

The full text of the 2015 SWIP-UK conference call is here. From Rosie Worsdale:

The aim of this conference is to explore the possibilities for enriching philosophy through exposure to its many ‘Others’.

Possible themes for papers might include, but are not limited to:

  • Feminist epistemology and standpoint theory
  • What is it to exclude? What is it to include? Strategies and practices of inclusion/exclusion and their effects
  • Philosophy of race
  • Critical approaches to philosophical methodology, including pedagogical method
  • Philosophy and disability
  • Philosophy and heteronormativity
  • Non-western philosophy and its relation to western philosophical praxis
  • Identity politics
  • Political philosophy and ‘others’
  • Justice and injustice
  • Critical theory
  • The concept of ‘rigour’ and its place in philosophy
  • The object/subject distinction

We invite proposals for 20-25 minute papers on any topic relating to the theme. We would like, if possible, to have both a postgraduate panel and a panel concerning practical issues relating to the…

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